Connect groups

Connect Groups are the heartbeat of Covenant Church.

What are Connect Groups?

Covenant is a Community where you can laugh, love, grow, and belong, and Community means connection. Connect groups are the heartbeat of who we are and what we do at Covenant Church. We are a family that shares life, the good and the bad. Our hearts and doors are always open. That’s why we offer a variety of Connect groups that can feel like home. Whether you are a parent, student, business professional, retired, married couple or single adult, we have a place for you.

Connect Groups meet on Sunday Nights at 6pm.

What do Connect Groups mean to you?

“To put others needs ahead of your own, getting to know others on a more personal and spiritual level, to care for others goals and help them achieve them.” -Johnny E.

“It was through Connect groups that I began to find my place in the church. I had to intentionally get involved before I began to start growing.” -Denise S.

“Connect groups deepen my relationship with my church family as we learn more about each other. I learn new information at every connect about God and His Word through the discussions we have as a small group. “ -Brenda H.